The Following FAQ's are for York University Students Staying within the York Apartments:

Ordering/Billing/Terminating InRes Services

I want to order InRes service(s)

  • Visit My InRes website for more information.

Where can I go to pay/see my InRes/ResNet Bill?

Your Monthly ResNet charge is posted on your Student Account.
It will not be added to your rent and it will be marked as "Telecom Charge", hence it will appear as a separate transaction.

Charges to your Student Account will be Pro-Rated, meaning that charges will follow the month in which they were incurred.
For Example, your bill for July will be posted in August(within the first 2 weeks).

You will not receive a hard copy of the InRes/ResNet Bill.
For more information on how to pay your Student Account, please go here.

I want to terminate my InRes service(s):

  • Visit My InRes website for more information.

Why am I still getting billed even though I have cancelled my InRes service(s) online?


Our billing periods are from the first to the end of the calendar month. Billing information is processed after the end of the month. If your service begins mid-month the charges will be pro-rated. The amount charged is based on previous month usage.

I'm moving and would like to move my InRes service (Phone/ResNet):

  • Visit My InRes website for more information.  Important Note:   $43.50 activation/move fee will be applied for the request


ResNet Internet York Apartment

I can't browse the web, my browser can only display the ResNet registration page:

YORK APARTMENTS - Assiniboine, Atkinson and Passy Apartments:

  • After registering the device, ensure the Ethernet cable is unplugged from the jack and wait one hour to complete registartion. After one hour, plug the cable back in.
  • Every year on August 1, all computer device(s) are removed off the registration for maintenace. Please re-reigster your computer device(s).

The computer is turned on, but there is no Internet access. Why?


  • Verify that the Ethernet adapter and network cable is plugged into the correct jack in the wall and in the back of the computer.
  • Ensure wireless card is disabled while connecting to the ResNet network.
  • Temporarily disable any third-party firewall software.
  • Verify that the Ethernet network adapter is installed correctly.
  • Uninstall or roll back any software that may be been installed prior to the connection failing. Firewall software can often cause a problem if not properly configured.
  • If using a Router, refer to Router Setup for the general set-up instructions. The Router may need to be reset by unplugging the power to the Router or (if applicable) press and hold the reset button for 60 seconds. Please note, we do not support router, please contact manufacture for assistance or refer to the router manual.
  • Release/Renew the IP address. Refer below for instructions on how to do this.
  • Shut-down and unplug the computer for two minutes, then plug back in and restart the computer.

New to Residence:

  1. Refer to the New User Checklist.
  2. For York Apartments (excluding Passy Gardens), did you order ResNet service?
  3. After registering the computer device, remove the cable from the jack and wait one hour to process registration

ResNet Account Blocked:

  • If the computer has been blocked by ResNet, it is no longer registered and a warning page should be appear when a ResNet Registration attempt is made. For more information click on Blocked on ResNet.
  • If the residence is a York Apartment (Atkinson, Assiniboine, or Passy Gardens), make sure that it is not a billing issue and that ResNet service is set-up with InRes support. Contact the InRes Support Team or visit the InRes website and check the status of your services using the Online Application Form.
  • Use of router: if subscriber uses a router, and the router causes any issue on the ResNet network, the network access in the room will be disabled; subscriber will lose internet connection until the issue is resolved.

Register Computer Device:

  • Registering computer device can only be completed at your residence. ONLY active York community members (STUDENTS/FACULTY/STAFF) with Passport York account CAN REGISTER FOR RESNET SERVICE. If the wrong building is selected during the registration, the Internet service may not work.

The IP address has been released and renewed but cannot connect to the Internet.

  • If the computer is registered properly with the correct building information on ResNet, check the IP address the computer is receiving from the ResNet wall jack. See below for instructions on how to view an IP address.  An IP address for Internet service should look like 199.x.x.x or 198.x.x.x (where the x’s can be various numbers). Note that if the computer is connected to a Router, the IP address to the computer will be coming from the Router and access to the Router’s Admin. Setup Application will be necessary to see if the Router is receiving an IP address from the ResNet wall jack. The Router may need to be unplugged for a few minutes to correct a Router problem. Refer to the Router’s owner’s manual for further troubleshooting tips.
  • If the IP address for Internet service does not appear, try to manually “release” the IP address, then manually “renew” the IP address. A computer in good working order should release and renew the IP address automatically with a restart. View the IP address again or try to again to see if service has returned. If service has not returned, then do a cold shut-down (unplug the main power cable and battery as well if it is a laptop) and wait 5 minutes, then start the computer again to see if service has returned.
  • If the IP address is correct, try various applications such as a browser or chat programs to see if there’s any Internet service. If the browser does not work but other Internet applications work, try using a different browser or go into the settings of the browser and making all security and privacy settings default.
  • If no Internet applications work but the IP address is correct, check if a spyware / malware removal program has been used recently. If a spyware / malware program has been used recently, roll back any features that may have been removed by the spyware / malware removal program to see if service returns.
  • If no Internet applications work but the IP address is correct, check to see if a firewall application has been set up. Make changes to the firewall set-up and configuration to correct the problem.
  • If there is physical damage to the Ethernet port, please Contact InRes Support Team.

The webpage for ResNet registration keeps on coming up. Why?

The computer is not registered on ResNet. If the Ethernet network adapter has been recently changed (e.g. New Computer), the new Ethernet network adapter will need to be registered. Go to the Registration page remove the old registration, wait one hour before registering the new computer device.

The 60 minutes have elapsed after registration but there is still no Internet access.

The computer may still be using a previous invalid IP address. Try releasing and renew the IP address again. Otherwise contact Inres Support Team to have an InRes Support Analyst investigate this further.

My Building is not listed when I try to register my computer!

If you have not ordered ResNet Internet Service then you will not be able to register your computer at your York Apartment Residence, with the exception of Passy Crescent Residences.

In order to fix this, please order ResNet Internet Service .

If you have already ordered the ResNet Internet Service recently, then please note that it will take around a couple of days for the Service to become activated.

Note: If you are not the owner of the ResNet Internet Service associated with York Apartment residence, then you will not be able to register your computer/order ResNet Internet Service.

ResNet connection is extremely slow

  • Ensure the computer device is connected directly to the jack and not using a router.
  • The computer is properly set-up with ResNet instructions.
  • Computer device running third-party anti-virus/firewall? Some programs scan web pages before displaying its contents, disable this feature.
  • Run Ping and Traceroute test:
  1. Start | Run
  2. Type in 'cmd' and hit the OK button
  3. Type the following command in DOS Prompt, 'ping www.google.com'
  4. Copy results
  5. Type 'tracert www.google.com' or any other web site
  6. E-mail the results to inres@yorku.ca with the following information as well:
  • Operating System:
  • Laptop/Desktop:
  • Using a Router (Yes/No):
  • Building/Room/Contact info:

I'm prompted with a 'Certificate Expiration' notice when trying to register:

  • For WinXP/Vista/Windows7: Click on Continue to the web page
  • For MAC OS 10.4-6: Click Or you can add an exceptions... | Add Exceptions ... | Get Certificate | Confirm Security Exceptions.

I bought a new computer and want to register it:

  • De-register your existing computer here.
  • Wait one hour for the process to be complete
  • Configure your new Computer and register the computer

I want to set up two or more computers:

You can connect two or more computer devices using a wired router. For more information refer to the Router Instructions.

NOTE: Wireless router are not permitted, disable the wireless function in the router (Refer to manufacture’s instructions).

I can't connect using my router after a power outage:

Remove power adapter from the router and unplug the network cable from the wall jack.  Keep the router off and wall jack unplugged for 30 min.  Plug the network cable back to the wall port and power on the router.

I lose Internet connection when my computer goes into sleep mode:

  • You could follow steps of disabling power management on the Ethernet network card.
  • Windows 7 computer:
  1. Open Network Connections by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type adapter, and then, under Network and Sharing Center, click View network connections.
  2. Right-click the connection, and then click Properties. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  3. Click the Networking tab, and then click Configure.
  4. Click the Power Management tab, clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box, clear the Allow this device to wake the computer box, and then click OK.
    Refer here for details:
  • OS X (Mountain Lion):


  1. Apple -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver icon
  2. In Energy Saver window clear Wake for network access check box.

The Following FAQ's are for Students/Guests Staying within the York Apartments & Undergraduate Residences:


I ordered phone service but it's not working.

  • If today is the day your service was to be active, please wait until the end of the business day before reporting a problem.
  • Is your phone plugged into the jack in the living area? The bedroom jacks may or may not be active.
  • Is your phone set in good working order? Please check the cords and/or try plugging in another phone that you know works.

I have dial-tone but I cannot make calls/get a busy signal part way through dialing.

  • Are you dialing "9" before trying to make an off campus call?
  • You must dial 9 + 1 to call a long distance number in North America and 9 + 011 if it is an overseas call.
  • To reach all numbers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), local and long distance, you must dial the full 10 digits.
  • Your phone set must be set in the TONE mode. PULSE does not work with the University's phone system

I can make calls but I cannot receive calls.

  • Is the ringer on your phone turned on?
  • Place a test call using another phone, e.g. a cell phone. If it does not ring through, try plugging in another set into your jack and retest.
  • If it still fails to ring through, submit a trouble report to InRes Services.

I'm having trouble making outside calls:

Dial 9 before entering 10 digit phone number. Sample: 9-416-975-1800

For more information about using your residence phone review the Phone guide:

I hear static in the middle of phone calls.

  • If this occurs as you jiggle the curly handset cord, you probably need a new handset cord.
  • If that is not the case, try a new line cord (the one plugged into the wall jack).
  • If it's not the cords, submit a trouble report to InRes Services.

I hear a fast, busy or broken dial tone when I pick up the receiver.

  • Did you order voicemail? If so, this may indicate you have unheard voicemail messages. Please see the Userguide for detailed instructions.
  • If you do not have voicemail, do you have your phone plugged into another piece of equipment, e.g. fax machine? If so, try plugging your phone directly into the jack in the wall. Sometimes faulty peripheral equipment like a fax or external answering machine will short out the line. If that is the case, do not continue to use the equipment. The problem will re-occur.

I ordered voicemail, but callers can't leave me a message.

  • Report this to our helpline. Part of the programming needs to be corrected.

I forgot my voice-mail password:

Contact InRes by phone 416-736-5800 or e-mail inres@yorku.ca and provide the following information:

  1. Student ID number
  2. Residence (building and room)
  3. Phone number

I hear other conversations when I am on the phone.

  • Submit a trouble report online or contact InRes via email/phone. A technician will inspect and re-do your wired connection on our main frame.

I live in the Assiniboine Road/Atkinson Apartments. How can visitors call up from the main entrance.

  • You must provide Housing with your telephone number so that they may program it into their Door Entry system. Note: Their system can accommodate cell phone numbers.
  • The Passy Garden Apartments do not have an entry system. However, courtesy phones are available in the lobbies. Your visitors will need to know your telephone number.

My telephone jack is hanging off the wall

  • Submit a trouble report online or contact InRes Services.

I'm getting offensive/obscene calls.

  • The best way to deal with these types of calls is to hang up immediately. However, if the caller persists you should report the incidents to Security at ext 58000.
  • Requests for a phone number change must be made through Security in these situations.

Please note, in regards to Undergraduate ResNet Internet, please refer to Wifi Internet.