ResNet Startup

What is ResNet?

ResNet service is the wired Internet service for residents living in York  Apartments (Atkinson, Assiniboine, Passy Gardens/Osgoode Chambers).   For new residents, please refer to the online checklist.

Assiniboine and Atkinson* Apartments:

Residents  live in Assiniboine/Atkinson apartments or suites need to order ResNet service via Service Request Form.  Two business days are required for service activation.

*NOTE: ATKINSON BEDSITTER Please indicate “90 Atkinson Rd. Bedsitters” for campus building when sending the request via Service Request Form as the request will be for “RESNET-ATKINSON BEDSITTERS ONLY“.  No additional service charges apply.

Passy Gardens Apartments (Osgoode Chambers):

Passy Gardens (Osgoode Chambers) residents Do Not need to order ResNet service.  ResNet service by default is enabled and is included in the housing fee.

Service Charges

Internet Service Rates - $25.00 / month plus HST plus $43.50 activation/move fee (Effective Aug 1, 2014)

  • ResNet service is active at all Passy Cr. apartments. There is no need to apply for the service.
  • Atkinson Bedsitters only - no service charge will apply.  Need to request/activate via Service Request Form.

NOTE: To order this service you must be enrolled in courses and have a valid Passport York account.


Supported Operating System:
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or better

System Details:

  • 512MB of RAM (Operating System dependant)
  • Network Adapter/Card (10BaseT card setup with the proper up to date manufacturer's driver)

NOTE: To use ResNet, a computer in good working order is necessary. The computer should have all operating system critical updates and an Antivirus program that has recent virus definitions.

NETWORK CABLE (REQUIRED):Straight-through RJ45 Ethernet network cable Category 5 UTP or betterWIRED ROUTER (OPTIONAL):To connect more then one computer device(s) to ResNet jack. Click here for more details.


Ethernet Network Adapters, Network cables and other ResNet essentials can be purchased at any computer store. Computer upgrades and rebuilds should be done by the computer vendor. If the original computer vendor is not available, other computer stores can assist. Data Integrity Computers is in the York Lanes on-campus shopping mall, and there are other computer stores near campus at the intersection of Keele St. and Steeles Ave.

ResNet Subscribers Agreement

Please read and be familiar with the ResNet Subscribers Agreement.

For Additional ResNet Subscriber Agreements, in regards to Termination of Service, Billing, Liability and etc ..., please click here.