Telephone User Guide


In your room or apartment there is an outlet with 3 separate jacks. Your telephone service will be activated between the hours of 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM on the date requested (excluding weekends & holidays).


  1. Before calling the Helpline, please ensure that your telephone set and cords are in good working order.
  2. Are you dialing 9 before placing an off-campus call?
  3. Most telephone installations are made remotely. However, if after you plug in your phone, you hear a Telephone Company recording, please contact our Helpline at 416-736-5800 or ext. 55800. A site visit must be scheduled.
  4. Passy Garden apartments have separate Bell Canada outlets.
  5. In the York Apartments, primary telephone service is installed in the living area. Bedroom jacks can be activated but a technician must be scheduled for a service call.


  • Direct-in-dial number
  • Internal 5 digit dialing
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Display
  • Long Distance service rates.

Making and Receiving Telephone Calls

To receive calls

You have been assigned a direct-in-dial number. Callers can reach you by simply dialing your 10-digit number.

To place calls

  • Calling on campus
    Dial 5 + the last 4 digits of the 10 digit York number. e.g. to reach 416-650-1234 dial 51234
  • Local calls within area codes 416, 647, 905 & 289
    Dial 9 + the 10 digit number
  • Direct dialed long distance calls within North America
    Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number
  • Direct dialed international long distance calls
    Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + the local number.
  • Operator handled calls, credit/calling card, third party billing or collect calls.
    Dial 9 + 0.

Note: These calls cannot be connected unless you have a valid method of payment e.g. calling card, credit card etc. These calls cost more than making a direct-dialed call from your campus phone. For costing information on operator handled calls please speak to the operator.

To block my name/phone ID

Dial *67 before you place a call to block your name and number from being displayed on call display phones.

VoiceMail Instructions

Your initial Password will be:

  • 1 + 2 + 5 and the last four digits of your York phone number.
    For example, if your number is 416-650-1234, your internal extension is 51234. Therefore your password will be 1251234.

To log on from your room or apt:

  • Dial 55100
  • Enter your password.
  • Press #

To log on from outside the University:

  • Dial 416-736-5100
  • Enter your 5-digit mailbox (extension) number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Press #

To record/change your name:

  • From the main menu press 4 3 3
  • Record your name or number and press #

To record a personal greeting:

  • From the main menu press 4 3 1
  • Record your name or number and press #

To change your password:

  • From the main menu press 4 2 1
    Then, follow the prompts.

To listen to your messages:

  • From the main menu press 1
  • Press 7 to delete messages or 9 to save it.
    Note: If you pressed 7 to delete a message and changed your mind, you may still save the messages as long as you do not hang up. Simply listen to all the messages again, and press 9 to save that message.


  • To rewind press 1
  • To fast forward press 3
  • To skip to the next message press #

To forward a message to another mailbox:

  • Before deleting or saving the message, press 6
  • Record an introduction and press #
  • Enter the destination mailbox and press #
  • If no more destinations press # again to send the message.

To reply to a message:

  • Before deleting or saving a message press 8
  • Record reply and press #
  • Press # to send the message.

Pressed the wrong key?

  • Cancel or back up by pressing *

Need Help?

  • Press 0

To Reset Voicemail password

  • Contact InRes at 416-736-5800, extension 55800 or e-mail:
    Provide your Student/Employee ID, building, room and resident phone number.

Voicemail Tips

  • Message waiting is indicated by broken dial tone. If you are using your telephone line for modem access you must listen to any unheard messages before you will be able to log on to your Internet service provider. If you also subscribe to call waiting, you may temporarily suspend it by using *70 before logging in.
  • If your phone is equipped with a message waiting light we can activate it for you but you must advise us. There is no charge to make this change.
  • For security reasons when you initialize your mailbox, you may want to record your telephone number only instead of your name. Also, when recording your personal greeting, keep it short and do not include personal information which could be used to identify your location to an unwanted caller.

How should I handle harassment calls?

The best way to deal with harassing or obscene calls is to hang up. If calls persist you should report them to Security at: 416-650-8000 or ext 58000.