Router Setup

Using a Router

University Information Technology (UIT) does not support the use of Routers or other network interconnecting devices. Refer to the device's owners manual or contact the vendor for assistance.

ResNet users in York Apartments* can use “small office/home office” (SOHO) wired Router to extend ResNet service to more than one computer. The subscriber for ResNet service will be held responsible for all activity on the network drop and the Router. Refer to Router’s user manual to take security measures to help protect Router activity on the network. Please refer to the ResNet Subscriber Agreement.

Wireless access points are not permitted. If the Router comes with a wireless access point, disable the wireless feature. Refer to the Router's user manual to determine how to disable the wireless feature on the Router. Please refer to the ResNet Subscriber Agreement for more information.

Hubs and Switches are not permitted on the residence network in the York Apartments. Please refer to the ResNet Subscriber Agreement.

* York Apartments: Assiniboine, Passy Gardens, and Atkinson

General Router Setup Instructions

Note: Before registering Router for ResNet service. Make sure there is no other computer/router previously registered for ResNet. Only ONE registration of MAC address is allowed per ResNet wall jack. Disable wireless feature in a wired router.


If ResNet users already have a computer/router registered for ResNet Service. Please refer to ResNet registration webpage and follow the link for “Renew Your Registration” to de-register previous registration.

    1. Hardware Installation: Use good quality Ethernet network cables to connect the Router’s “WAN” or “Internet” port to the ResNet wall jack and to connect each of the computers to a numbered LAN ports (ie. 1, 2. 3 etc) on the Router. Plug in the power for the Router.
    2. Setup the Router and register for ResNet service: Referring to the Router's owner's manual, access the Router's Administrative Setup Application from one of the computers to make sure the Router is set up to receive DHCP network service from the ResNet wall jack. The Router's MAC address should be copied down for future reference. Log out of the Router's Administrative Setup Application and go to the ResNet homepage to register for ResNet service. The final ResNet Registration screen should show the MAC address of the Router.
      Note: This step should be done from only ONE of the computers connected to the Router.
    3. Unplug for 60 minutes: After ResNet Registration has been completed, shut off the computers, unplug the network cable from the ResNet wall jack and unplug the power cable from the Router for 60 minutes.
    4. Plug in for ResNet Internet service: After unplugging for 60 minutes, reconnect the network cable to the ResNet wall jack, plug in the power to the Router, and turn on the computers. The Router should now be receiving Internet service from the ResNet wall jack, and each computer connected should be receiving Internet service from the Router.