Terms and Conditions


  1. One resident will be designated as The Subscriber for each telephone and/or ResNet service.


  1. Where applicable the Subscriber shall be responsible for all charges associated with the telephone and/or ResNet service. These charges include:a) monthly telephone and/or ResNet rental charges and features.
    b) all long distance service charges made from or charged to the telephone number
    c) local 411 charges, collect calls, credit card calls and service charges
    d) installation fees, damages and security deposits.
  2. TelecomYork reserves the right to increase monthly recurring telephone and ResNet charges and shall notify subscribers in writing 60 days prior to increasing these rates. Long distance rates are subject to change at any time.
  3. All Subscribers agree to use the long distance service provided by Telecom York.


  1. Telecom York charges will be included on The Subscriber’s student account statement, which appears monthly on the Web at www.yorku.ca/osfs/oss/.  Payments will be made to Student Financial Services, NOT to Telecom York.
  2. If Telecom York fails to bill or under-bills you for equipment and services, Telecom York has the right to post the corrected charges to your student account within one year of the date the charge was incurred.
  3. Billing disputes or discrepancies must be reported to Telecom York prior to the next billing period or no adjustment will be made.
  4. Subscribers are responsible for paying for all calls originating from, and charged calls accepted at, their telephones, regardless of who made or accepted them. If charges are unusually high, Telecom York reserves the right to suspend service.


  1. Requests for changes to or disconnection of service are to be made in writing to Telecom York. Billing will continue and the Subscriber remains responsible for all charges until the requests are received and processed. Requests must be submitted by email to telecomm@yorku.ca.


  1. The University may terminate service without notice in the following circumstances:a) delinquency in payment of your student account
    b) damage to equipment or system
    c) use of the service for harassment or fraud
    d) use of unauthorized codes
    e) failure to follow University policy on Computing and Information Technology (see Senate Policy #:SEN 001)
  2. Failure to maintain your student account in good standing may result in academic sanctions being imposed, (e.g. having grades, transcripts, and degrees withheld), and/or in the cancellation of your Telecom York service.
  3. Subscribers whose service has been terminated for non-payment can have their service restored once a suitable payment arrangement has been made with Student Financial Services.
  4. A restoration charge of $43.50 will apply.
  5. Failure to follow the University policy on Computing and Information Technology may result in academic sanctions being imposed, which may include having grade reports and conferral of degrees withheld.


  1. York University will not be responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use or failure of equipment, systems or networks provided by Telecom York pursuant to this Agreement.
  2. York University does not guarantee that The Subscriber’s own electronic devices can be used successfully with the system and will not be responsible for loss or damage to any such equipment connected to the system.
  3. The Subscriber agrees that they will not extend telephone beyond their personal residence room or apartment using extension cords or other devices as these constitute a safety hazard, deface university property and represent fraudulent use of services.
  4. If equipment is not returned or is damaged, The Subscriber will be charged for the full replacement value of such products.
  5. Telecom York does not recommend the use of cordless telephones on campus and will not be liable for any associated fraudulent long distance charges.


  1. To stop or "block" your name and telephone number from being seen by the person you call, press * 6 7 on your Touchtone telephone before you dial a telephone number. This will block your name and number. The person you are calling will see the message "PRIVATE NAME/PRIVATE NUMBER".  Telecom York will not assume responsibility nor be liable for blocking calls.