Wired Internet Access In Undergraduate Residences

Wired Internet Access

  • Students living in the Undergraduate Residences have access to an enhanced wired internet.
  • No registration is required.
  • No configuration is required - it works with normal default settings of DHCP, auto negotiate speed and duplex.
  • Simply plug your computer into the network jack on the wall or the data port on the CISCO wall mount AP.

How Do I Connect?

Bethune, Stong, Vanier, Founders, Winters, Tatham Hall, Hilliard and Wood Residences
  • Wired connectivity is available by plugging into any Yellow Port (LAN1, LAN2 & LAN3) using a network cable.
  • The Green Port (LAN4) is used for VoIP Phone.


Calumet Residences
  • These Data Jacks are used with a Ethernet Cable for wired access connectivity.

Data Jacks

Pond Residences
  • The black arrow indicates the phone jack and the blue jack indicates the data jack used for wired access using a Ethernet Cable

Wall Data Jack

Osgoode Chambers Wired Internet Access (ResNet)
  • ResNet Wired Internet Service is available for Osgoode Hall Law School students live in Osgoode Chambers.
  • ResNet service is the wired Internet service for residents living in York Apartments (Atkinson, Assiniboine and Passy Gardens/Osgoode Chambers).  For new residents, please refer to the online checklist.
  • How do I get It?  Visit the ResNet Startup Guide.

router symbol

IMPORTANT: Use of WIFI ROUTERS is NOT PERMITTED in the Undergraduate Residences.
Being caught using a WIFI Router within the Undergraduate residences will result with your in-room Ethernet port being Disabled.

See the ResNet Service Terms & Conditions for more details.


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