What will the ResNet speeds be?

  • Up to 25Mbps for both wireless and wired upload and download speeds.

Can I use a Router?

I’m moving out. Do I need to do anything about my internet service?

  • No. Please leave your access point as is.

Can I connect my smart TV to the new ResNet?

  • Wired network connection (recommended):simply plug your TV into the data port marked either LAN 2 or LAN 3 on the CISCO wall mount AP.
  • WiFi network connection: send a request to whitelist WiFi MAC address of your TV, please complete a Problem Report Form.

Will my external services (Rogers, Bell, etc.) be interrupted?

  • No external services will be interrupted.

I’m currently with an external service provider, can I switch to the new ResNet service?

  • Yes! Each residence unit will be equipped with an access point regardless of any current external service arrangements.
  • However, it is the resident’s responsibility to arrange for the termination of private contracts once ResNet is activated.

How do I get York’s VoIP phone service and how much is it?

  • The monthly fee is $21.50 plus tax and there is an installation/move fee of $43.50. This service will only be available once the new ResNet service has been activated.
  • Please visit the VoIP Phone Service page for more details.
  • Order/Cancel VoIP Phone Service: please fill out the Service Request Form.