ResNet Startup

Welcome to the New ResNet

  • The Department of University Information Technology is committed to providing excellent network and telecommunications services in support of your academic success at York University.  Each apartment in your building has been provided with a dedicated wireless network access point (hub).  In addition to dual band, high quality Wi-Fi service in your residence, there is provision for two hardwired devices to connect to the access hub. The new hub can also support an optional VoIP phone service subscription.
  • Simply plug your computer into the data port marked either LAN 2 or LAN 3 on the CISCO wall mount AP. No configuration is required - it works with the normal, default settings of DHCP, auto negotiate speed and duplex.  If you are not sure if your equipment is set to auto-auto, please contact InRes Client Services for assistance.
  • The new, high speed Wi Fi network is a significant improvement and will provide you with much faster connection speeds.  In addition to the convenience of wireless service, no registration is required and you will not be billed for this service.


Supported Operating System:

  • Windows 7 SP1 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Wired Requirements:

  • Computer with an RJ-45 Ethernet port.
  • On some laptops that do not have built-in RJ-45 Ethernet port, you may need to purchase an external USB Ethernet adapter.
  • Computer in good working order is necessary.
  • Computer should have all operating system critical updates and an Antivirus program that has recent virus definitions.
  • An Ethernet cable (category 5 or higher) will be necessary to connect to the port in your room.
  • NOTE:  University Information Technology (UIT) DOES NOT provide Ethernet cables to residents. Residents must purchase their own Ethernet cables

ResNet Subscribers Agreement