Wireless Access In Passy Gardens Apartments

AirYorkPLUS is the wireless access service available at York University, featuring:

  • Single sign on: once you configure your Wi-Fi client (laptop or tablet computer, smartphone, etc.) with your Passport York credentials, the client will automatically connect to AirYorkPLUS as soon as it is within range of an AirYorkPLUS access point.
  • Security: network traffic is encrypted between the client and the AirYorkPLUS access point.
  • Better performance in high-density settings such as lecture halls and libraries where many Wi-Fi clients are active simultaneously.

IMPORTANT: Most performance improvement are available only to Wi-Fi devices with dual-band radios. For further details, please consult UIT's recommendations on selecting/purchasing a Wi-Fi client device for use on-campus at York.

How do I get it?

  • AirYorkPLUS Wi-FiĀ  Service is available in all Passy Gardens Apatments / Osgoode Chambers.


  • Configure your computer or wireless device & connect to AirYorkPLUS:

Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 SP1

Mac 10.7 and up



Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Blackberry 10

How do I get help?