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INRES Service Request Form is now available!

The new online form is now available.  Requests for billing statements or service status as well as applications to activate, move or terminate service should be sent via INRES Service Request Form.  Please visit the website for detailed information.

Important Information for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users.  Re: Troubleshooting Common Problems with USB Ethernet Adapter

PROBLEM: Possible causes of USB Ethernet Connection Failure

  • Compatibility of the operating system
  • Controller drivers


Please contact the vendor to check whether the OS running on your computer is compatible with the USB device you purchase.  The drivers should be checked as well.  Contact your computer vendor for assistance.  See the list of vendor websites for the latest driver update:

LOGiiX USB Ethernet:

Apple USB Ethernet adapter driver update:

Product family: USB 2.0 to fast Ethernet
Product name: AX88772

Moshi USB to Ethernet Adapter software driver:

A message to York University Residents Regarding Telephone and Cable TV Service

The Office of University Information Technology - Telecommunications, is pleased to announce that effective August 1 2014, cable TV services in the campus residences will be provided to subscribers directly by Rogers Cable. Residents ordering Cable TV will soon have many new and exciting options to choose from such as digital and HD programming.

York University residents have a dedicated sales representative who is available to take your call Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call 1-800-784-6678 or email Rogers at gta.directsales@rci.rogers.com for more information. Current subscribers to cable TV should contact Rogers before August 1st to ensure uninterrupted service.

Our telephone service is also changing. Effective August 1st, voicemail, call waiting, call display and SIMRING will be included with our phone service at no extra charge.  Please go to the online application form to order your phone service and remember to bring your own phone.

UIT, Telecommunications and InRes Client Services, look forward to providing you with outstanding Internet and Telephone service and it is our pleasure to serve you. For more information and to order telephone and ResNet/Internet service, please visit the InRes site or email us.


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